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          It is our aim to develop individual attention to the development of the whole child. CCMA Accredited | Member of Oakville Independent Schools


          Our Preschool program fosters a love of learning in a nurturing environment for children age 18 months - 6 years of age. Aesthetically enticing, the classrooms meet the developmental needs of the children by engaging them in hands-on manipulative learning activities. Learn more


          Our Elementary program's primary function is to educate the whole child for life by providing a developmentally appropriate and socially engaging curriculum. 6-12 years of age.Learn more

          Middle School

          Students have the opportunity to discover their unique gifts and talents and to learn the skills and tools they will need to become compassionate, 21st Century thinkers. 12 - 15 years of age.Learn more


          July 30, 2022

          The architecturally innovative building design, which incorporates a magnificent green roof, reflects Clanmore’s commitment to green living while also being an expression of Montessori philosophy.
          Clanmore is an Oakville Montessori private school offering programming from Toddler to Middle School, extended day options, an in-house catered lunch program, and on-site Co-curricular Programs designed to complement the Montessori philosophy.  

          Clanmore COVID-19 Documentation

          Parent Handbook (updated version coming September 2022)

          Policies and Procedures (updated version coming September 2022)

          Our newest video, created by a recent graduate. "Because of Clanmore..."


          Why Clanmore Montessori School?? Read?testimonials. Come for a tour.